Since the opening of our first asphalt plant in Detroit in 1961, Ajax has become an industry leader and the number one asphalt company in Southeastern Michigan and Florida’s Gulf Coast. We now offer our clients the convenience and reliability of seven modern, high-capacity hot-mix asphalt plants. Our higher production capabilities help us get even the biggest jobs done within tight deadlines. And state-of-the-art equipment combined with unparalleled expertise make us one of the most sought-after companies for the high-spec work required for automotive test tracks.

Featured Project:

Chrysler Group: Arizona Proving Ground
Yucca, AZ

The reconstruction of Chrysler Group’s 5 mile long high speed parabolic oval…read more


Ajax has been paving Southeastern Michigan’s miles of heavily commuted roads since our founding in Detroit in 1951. Now headquartered in Troy, Michigan, we keep close ties with the automotive industry by developing test tracks for the Big Three and Toyota, as well as building and maintaining the many roads, highways, subdivisions, parking lots, and airports in this bustling, rapidly expanding community.

Michigan Client List:

  • Bosch
  • Chrysler
  • Distribution Centers/Warehouses
  • Ford Motor Company
  • General Contractors
  • General Motors Corporation
  • Livingston County Road Commission
  • Major Developers
  • Michigan Department of Transportation
  • Monroe County Road Commission
  • Regional Shopping Centers
  • Road Commission for Oakland County
  • Road Commission of Macomb County
  • St. Clair County Road Commission
  • The County of Wayne, Michigan
  • Toyota
  • Transportation Facilities
  • Various Municipalities
  • Wayne County Airport Authority

Completed Projects

Michigan International Speedway Receives A Facelift

Southeastern Michigan

Racing teams and drivers don’t take kindly to repaving of tracks they’ve raced on over the years, so when it was time to repave Michigan International Speedway (MIS) it was important that the job was done to the exacting standards of International Speedway Corporation Design and Development (ISC), the track owner.

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MIS has been repaved twice since it was originally built in 1967. The 2 mile long track has variable banking with the steepest banking set at 18 degrees. Building on the experience of paving Phoenix International Raceway during the summer of 2011, Ajax again used equipment designed for banked paving but further modified for the steeper banking of the MIS track. These equipment modifications were necessary to insure achievement of surface smoothness standards that are critical in the racing world.The project was divided into two phases. Ajax began reconstruction of the pit road area immediately following the Heluva Good! Sour Cream Dips 400 race held on June 19, 2011 and completed the reconstruction in the 30 day window required by MIS. The second phase began immediately following the Pure Michigan 400 held on August 21, 2011 and included removal of the existing asphalt surface, repaving of the track and construction of a 1.5 mile long road course in the track infield. All work in the second phase was completed within a 90 day time period. This put Ajax in an exclusive club as only two paving companies in the nation have the equipment and expertise necessary to pave NASCAR sanctioned tracks for ISC.

A laser survey of the track consisting of more than 100 million data points allowed engineers to replicate all points of the original pavement surface which Ajax crews used to install the new surface without changing the track geometry or unique character of MIS.

“It was critical that the paving be completed in the fall of 2011. That allows the pavement to age prior to the Michigan 400 which will be held next June” said Dave Marshall, MIS project manager for Ajax.

Phoenix International Raceway Boosts Race Excitement With Repaving

Phoenix, Arizona

After 20 years, Phoenix International Raceway (PIR) needed repaving, but raceway leadership and track owner, International Speedway Corporation Design and Development (ISC), decided it was also time to make changes in the track to provide for more exciting racing.

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Ajax, one of the only companies equipped and qualified to take on the project, began repaving work in June, and completed work in August. Not only did the paving present its own unique challenges but Phoenix’s summer heat that reached as high as 120 degrees, offered another set of challenges to the 17 Michigan workers who traveled the 2,000 miles to PIR. “They’re that dedicated and that proud and they wanted to have their name on that facility” said Dave Marshall project manager for Ajax.

Besides the repaving, PIR wanted to widen the front stretch from 52 to 62 feet, reconfigure pit road and tighten the turn radius of one dogleg from 800 feet to 500 feet. To promote side by side racing and increase track speeds the new design called for construction of variable degree banking of from four to 11 degrees. This required Ajax to use specially designed equipment needed to support its equipment from sliding on the banked surfaces.

PIR dug into the project following The Subway Fresh Fit 500T race held on February 27th when legendary driver Jeff Gordon drove a backhoe to remove the first piece of asphalt from the track.

Overall, the project included the removal of 684,000 square feet of asphalt, followed by the installation of a new surface that included 70,000 cubic yards of imported fill and 24,000 tons of new asphalt.

The rebuilding of the track was completed in time for PIR’s second race of the season, The Kobalt 500. “This was the first race held on the newly constructed track surface and we got a lot of compliments about how exciting the race was. They thought it was one of the best races they ever had” commented Marshall.


Detroit, MI

With Detroit hosting both the All-Star Game and the Super Bowl within months of each other, Ajax was awarded the $85 million project to pave the stretch of highway from the Southfield Freeway to Roosevelt Street.

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The project was a complete rebuild, including the removal of existing pavement. It was finished ahead of schedule, in plenty of time for the city’s major events. Over 250,000 tons of Superpave asphalt was installed on this project.

Orchard Lake Road

15 Mile to 18 Mile

An ordinary road resurfacing project along Orchard Lake Road in Oakland County took an out-of-the-ordinary turn when HBO film crews came into town.

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Ajax Paving Inc. was working to smooth out Orchard Lake between 14 Mile and Maple roads when HBO began filming an episode of Hung, a comedy series dealing with a gigolo who lives in metro Detroit. Project Manager Paul Graney says Ajax accommodated the cable channel’s work by shifting crews to a different section of the road, allowing Hung to film for a few days without construction noise in the background.

“They didn’t want us to work during that time, but we didn’t stop,” Graney said. “We had to clear out of that area while they were shooting.”

In spite of the Hung hang-up, Ajax has been able to stay on time with the Orchard Lake resurfacing project, which began in 2009. Ajax crews finished resurfacing the road between 14 Mile and Lone Pine roads last year. Another stretch of pavement between 12 Mile and 13 Mile roads is scheduled to be completed in August. Though motorists faced some traffic delays during the project, Ajax has maintained access to all businesses, residences and side streets along the road.

Orchard Lake resurfacing has included several smaller projects totaling about four miles of road and a budget of about $4.5 million. Much of the bill has been footed through more than $3 million in federal funds through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

Ajax’s work includes repairing and resurfacing Orchard Lake with three inches of new asphalt, as well as replacing the road’s concrete curbs and gutters. Pedestrian crosswalks throughout the project have been replaced to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and drainage has been improved along the road.

The improvements were necessary to remove potholes and stop pavement dilapidation along Orchard Lake, which was called “one of the roughest major roads” by the Road Commission of Oakland County last year.

“It’s probably the third busiest road in the county and it was in very bad shape,” said Craig Bryson, public information officer for the road commission. “It had not been resurfaced in many years.”

Oakland County is aiming to reconstruct a portion of Orchard Lake Road into a four-lane boulevard as part of the Northwest Connector project, which is intended to improve traffic flow and increase motorist and pedestrian safety along several major thoroughfares in the area. The proposed project is a cooperative effort between the Oakland County road commission, the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT), the City of Farmington Hills and West Bloomfield Township.

While Oakland County communities believe the Northwest Connector will aid their residents and businesses, Michigan’s tough economy has made it difficult to obtain funding for the overall project. The resurfacing work performed by Ajax has provided a temporary, yet vital, fix for the road as the county strives to secure money for the connector.

“When it became evident it (the connector project) it wasn’t going to happen, we and the township said, ‘we have to do something immediately,’” Bryson said of the decision to repave Orchard Lake.

The county road commission says Ajax’s resurfacing work should keep Orchard Lake in good condition for at least three to five years, which will allow more time for planning and designing the section of the Northwest Connector that intersects with Orchard Lake Road.

Graney said Ajax work will provide long-lasting relief for Oakland County drivers until the Northwest Connector project can be completed.

“The potholes are all gone,” Graney said of Orchard Lake’s repaved surfaces. “It’s a nice smooth surface.”

Square Lake Road Rebuild

Bloomfield Township, MI

Smooth collaboration:
Ajax Paving and partners finish Square Lake Road project on time, on budget
Ajax Paving Industries Inc. project manager Dave Marshall says rebuilding a one-mile stretch of one of the Detroit area’s busiest business routes on time and on budget last year was no walk in the park. It took seamless collaboration and communication between Ajax Paving and its 12 partners.

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“It went extremely well all the way from our concrete and surveying partners to the Bloomfield Township Police Department,” he says. The project consisted of a one-mile stretch of Square Lake Road between Telegraph Road and Woodward Avenue in Bloomfield Township, Mich. The six-lane roadway divided by a median sees thousands of vehicles a day.

The $6.7 million Square Lake Road project was funded, in part, by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), Marshall says. To minimize the impact the road construction had on commuters and finish before the end of the construction season, it had to be completed on a very tight and accelerated construction schedule between August and November last year.

“All the parties involved in this job realized the difficulties up front and worked together to avert or minimize the impact of the project,” Marshall adds. “This team-oriented approach between all construction parties proved to be an important factor in the overall success.”

Marshall says Ajax Paving and its partners communicated daily to coordinate the many details of the project, and bi-weekly meetings were well attended.

The first stage of the project was removal of the landscaped median island by Dan’s Excavating. This process was followed by installation in the median of 21AA aggregate, a dense graded natural gravel aggregate base. Along the median, Ajax Paving also applied two lifts of low-volume, superpave asphalt mix, specially designed for high-volume roads.

These steps were required so that two lanes could be used in each direction during the various stages of construction. Heavy development, including residential neighborhoods and office buildings around the job site, gave limited access to large construction equipment.

The next phase shifted traffic to the three, northerly westbound lanes of Square Lake Road and the temporary lane created by asphalt paving the median. Moving traffic to this configuration allowed the two southerly eastbound lanes to be constructed. This work required Sorratos Concrete to remove and replace the outer road concrete curbs at a new elevation. Since this elevation started at each side of the road and had to perfectly match elevations at the middle, expert surveying was critical. Fortunately, Ajax Paving worked with consulting engineers HNTB, the Michigan Department of Transportation and Monument Engineering and Surveying, which handled the surveying.

Other important aspects of this phase included concrete and asphalt patching along the road by Florence Cement. Albanelli Concrete handled the stamped colored walk on the median. Michigan Highway Contracting completed the new sidewalk and decorative concrete block wall and turf, and Future Fence & Deck constructed the decorative fencing.

With the necessity to maintain traffic flow while adjusting for engineering challenges, a variable depth asphalt wedging course of high stress 4E10 asphalt was required. This was followed by two inches of high stress 4E10 leveling asphalt two lanes wide with a paved taper from the new asphalt to the existing road to eliminate a vertical drop.

After this work was completed, the traffic was shifted to the southerly eastbound lanes and the temporary paved median to complete the two northerly westbound lanes. Once the reconstruction of the outermost two lanes in each direction was completed, the median, along with the driving lanes adjacent to the median, were closed to traffic for reconstruction.

The temporary asphalt installed in the median islands was removed. The median islands received a new 21AA aggregate base, and their curbs were installed. Between the curbs and the median, decorative, stamped colored concrete was placed.

The two driving lanes adjacent to the medians and turnarounds were constructed with the same cross section as the rest of the roadway — concrete and asphalt patching.

“With the complexity and timing of the traffic flow, we were in constant contact with Bloomfield Township and relied heavily on the superior effort and support of their police department,” Marshall says.

Following the completion of the asphalt leveling course, the structures located within the roadway were adjusted to the new final elevation, followed by a final wearing surface of 1.5 inches of high stress 5E10.

Integral partners in the project also included PK Contracting for permanent striping, Rauhorn Electric for traffic signals and Action Traffic for permanent signage, Marshall says.

He adds that the contractors chosen for the job were not necessarily the lowest bidders. “When we select our partners, we look at the quality of their work and timeliness. For this project, everyone came through with flying colors.”

Indeed, what might have been a nearly impossible job through a very active business district ended up earning kudos for Ajax Paving project managers, its employees and its contractors.

By: Marti Benedetti

Lakeside Mall

Sterling Heights, Michigan

With an incredibly rapid turn around time, Ajax milled and paved a portion of this busy mall’s five-lane road in just 36 hours.

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Even with the tight deadline and fast pace, this project went smoothly due to our thorough planning and site staffing, including traffic control coordinators to monitor and detour traffic.

Greenfield Village

Dearborn, Michigan

This outdoor museum was founded by Henry Ford over 75 years ago and its surfaces were ready for a major overhaul.

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The infrastructure was outdated, and the parking lots needed proper drainage and rebuilding. The job required the park to be shut down while renovations were completed, so staying on schedule was of utmost importance. Using more than 14,000 tons of asphalt, Ajax successfully restored the Village’s service drive, secondary roads, the Village main road and several parking lots.

Gratiot Road

Southeastern Michigan

Ajax was awarded the contract to fix this stretch of road outside of Detroit in time for the annual Cruisin’ Gratiot event in Eastpointe. After analyzing the project, we determined that preventative maintenance, rather than a complete overhaul, would save the city time and money while extending the road’s life by 10 years or more.

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For the majority of the project, the existing course was cold milled and high performance Superpave material was laid directly over the remaining asphalt surface. We were able to complete the job two days early, in plenty of time for the event.

Telegraph Road

Pontiac, Michigan

Last paved in the 1950s, a two-mile stretch of this seven-lane road was in dire need of an overhaul. The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) called on Ajax.

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We removed the entire existing roadway and replaced it with a new sand sub-base, a new gravel base, and three lifts of new asphalt. We also implemented improvements to ensure better water drainage. The project was completed and the road reopened twenty-three days ahead of schedule.

Waterside Marketplace

Chesterfield Township, Michigan

This new, large-scale shopping facility in the northern suburbs of Detroit was designed with several large parking lots and access roads. Ajax was chosen to develop these facilities from beginning to end. We fine-graded the stone base, installed high-quality asphalt paving throughout, and completed the job with signs and pavement markings.

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Working nights and weekends, the job was done well within the tight schedule. And with our New Haven materials plant located just 3 miles away, Ajax was able to contain and reduce trucking and materials costs for our customers.

The parking lots and on-site roadways accounted for 150,000 square yards of asphalt.

Construction of major ingress and egress roadways, truck routes, loading areas, and parking lots required 40,000 tons of asphalt material.

Woodward Avenue

Ferndale, Michigan

Woodward Avenue is not only a main artery from Detroit to its northern suburbs, it’s also seen as the main artery and commercial hub for those locations.

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Even though wet weather proved challenging, the project to pave this busy stretch was completed on time. The contract called for repairs to the damaged road bed and resurfacing with over 20,000 tons of new asphalt.

Lowe’s Stores

Southeast Michigan

Lowe’s is another repeat customer for Ajax. When the time came to pave the parking lots for five new Lowe’s stores in Southeast Michigan, Ajax successfully negotiated these jobs with General Contractors Colasanti and F.H. Martin, both long time partners of Ajax.

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The schedules were aggressive, but we successfully completed the jobs in time for the store openings.

Over 50,000 tons of asphalt and 100,000 tons of aggregate base were used in these parking lots and not one store opened late.

Brownstown Business Center

Brownstown, Michigan

A $1.6 million contract gave Ajax the responsibility of paving the parking lot for this business center, and quality was a top priority.

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To help ensure that the new pavement would withstand the heavy truck use associated with these buildings, we worked together with other parties to develop a new material especially for truck traffic.


Florida has a unique ecology, and it takes specialized knowledge and expertise to pave roads there. Ajax Paving understands the materials, methodology, and criteria needed to get the job done right and to meet the demands of Florida’s rapid growth.

Our philosophy in Florida is to be the Contractor of choice, the employer of choice and have consistent profitability.

Florida Client List:

  • Centex Construction
  • Charlotte County
  • Clary’s Sitework and Development, Inc.
  • Collier County
  • Cone and Graham, Inc.
  • David Nelson Construction Company
  • Desoto County
  • Florida Department of Transportation
  • Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
  • Glades County
  • Gustafson Construction Corporation
  • Guymann Construction of Florida, Inc.
  • Hardee County
  • Hernando County
  • Hendry County
  • Hillsborough County
  • J. McGarvey Construction Corporation
  • Johnson Brothers Corporation
  • Kelly Brothers
  • Larkin Contracting, Inc.
  • Lee County
  • Manatee County
  • Polk County
  • Pasco County
  • Pinellas County
  • Posen Construction, Inc.
  • Ripa and Associates, Inc.
  • Sarasota County
  • T.W. Nelson, Inc.
  • WCI Communities, Inc.

Completed Projects

St. Petersburg-Clearwater International Airport Airfield Rehabilitation

Pinellas County

This project was the rehabilitation of Runway 4-22 and the rehabilitation of the south end of Runway 18L-36R at St. Petersburg-Clearwater International Airport. This runway had not received any resurfacing in over 25 years.

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Runway 4-22 rehabilitation measured 5,475 feet long and 150 feet wide. Originally the project called for a profile milling and leveling course to correct cross-slope followed by a 2” final lift.

Once profile milling started on the project and it was determined that the significant cracking throughout the runway was not being removed, Ajax was directed to adjust milling operations to a greater depth. This was followed with 68,000 lf of crack filling.

With the changes to design criteria, Ajax now had a 6,500 tons leveling course on this project that ranged anywhere from 0.75” to 9”. Through excellent work of Foreman Donnie Plensdorf, the paving crew and Pavesmart grade controls, we were able to ensure the required elevations and slopes were maintained on the project. The leveling course was topped with 10,000 tons of P-401 at 2” for the final lift with the addition of a material transfer device during paving to prevent segregation problems and enable continuous paving.

This runway was closed during paving, but was still broken into 5 different phases due to intersections with two other runways. Most of the work was completed in the daytime except for operations around Runway 18L-36R which had a paving window of 11 p.m. - 5 a.m.

Runway 18L – 36R was a 300’ long by 150’ wide rehabilitation that had its own set of challenges. The main challenge for the milling and resurfacing of this area was the time restrictions. Ajax was held to completing this work between 11 p.m. (actually after the last UPS arrival which was closer to 11:30 p.m.) and a reopening at 5 a.m. These time restrictions forced these 795 tons of Superpave 401 to be completed over a four night span.

The result was a very smooth and consistent runway surface which opened in time for use during the Republican National Convention.

SR 45 (US 301) from CR 672 to Gibsonton Road

Hillsborough County

In August 2012, Ajax completed paving on the US 301 reconstruction project in Riverview.

…read more
This was a three year project with Ajax working as a subcontractor to Prince Contracting. The Florida Department of Transportation transformed a rural two lane section of the roadway into a six lane divided urban section. Ajax placed nearly 229,000 SY of asphalt base and more than 181,000 total tons of asphalt on the project, with more than 80,000 tons being warm mix. The average ride number was a 4.1 with only 31 lots out of 470 total lots with a reading below 3.5. Ajax achieved an average composite pay factor of 1.02 with more than $416,000.00 paid in quality bonuses. While all the crews spent a little time out here in the last three years, a big pat on the back to Kelvin Thompson and Joe White’s crews who performed most of the work and the guys at Plant 6 in Tampa and Plant 3 in Palmetto for keeping the mix flowing. Congratulations to all our Ajax employees for a job well done!

Tom Daquanna, Construction Manager
Contract Administrator, Trish Moore
Paul McCabe, Quality Control Technician
Joe White, Paving Foreman
Kelvin Thompson, Paving Foreman
Tampa Plant Foreman, Ron Farris
Palmetto Plant Foreman, Tim Gearheart
Kevin Ricker, Mechanic

IROX Road Expansion Project

Naples to Fort Myers, Florida

This is the largest project ever awarded to a paving company. Ajax is charged with repaving 30 miles of heavily traveled highway between Naples and Fort Myers, Florida.

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The IROX project was awarded to the Ajax Joint Venture on May 30, 2007 at a price of over $430 Million dollars. The project consists of over 400,000 tons of hot mix, just under 2,000,000 square yards of milling, over 2,000,000 cubic yards of embankment and excavation, over 1,000,000 tons of limerock, widening of 22 bridge decks & the complete reconstruction of the Immokalee interchange. Contract time is 1,150 days with an incentive of $100k per day bonus, up to a maximum of $15 Million dollars. This is truly the premier construction project in SW Florida.

Tampa International Airport

Tampa, FL

Congratulations to all who worked on the Tampa International Airport project as Ajax recently completed another successful FAA job. This project was managed out of the Ajax Tampa office by Joe Minich, Project Manager and John Sutherland, Project Superintendent. The scope of work included milling and resurfacing 4.25″ average from Runway 09-27 and adjacent taxiways, milling and paving portions of Runway 18L-36R, and sealing shoulders adjacent to Runway18R-36L and the various taxiways servicing that runway. Runway 09-27 was quite the challenge as nearly 2,000 tons per day were installed over the top of an asphalt rubber membrane interlayer. All in all, over 30,000 tons of asphalt were paved in the course of the project which were produced at the Ajax Tampa asphalt plant.

…read more
Airfield lighting, runway and taxiway signage improvements were made to Runway 18L-36R, as well as Runway 09-27, and minor improvements to control tower facilities as necessary for the lighting scope to be complete. One of the most unique things to occur on this project was the re-numbering of the runways, as the FAA is in the process of more accurately numbering all active runways to more closely match their actual alignment with respect to north. Both Runways 18-36 right and left were re-numbered to read 01-19, and Runway 09-27 was revised to become 10-28. These revised runway numbers most closely match the nearest 10 degrees to compass headings as related from magnetic north and are being revised due to a slight shift in the earth’s axis and magnetic fields over time. These adjustments are important because, in the absent of any other working instruments, a pilot would use his compass to align himself with the runway while on approach, also using a magnetic compass.

Another smaller scope of work, but by no means less challenging which occurred out of the airfield operations area, was the construction of a shared use path along the southern portion of the airfield, milling, resurfacing, and patching of the service road, along with miscellaneous associated improvements to concrete curb and gutter, storm drainage structures, and landscape.

Ajax wishes to thank and congratulate all employees who put effort into this success. The project was very competitive at bid time, the budgets were tight, and our customer demanded and received a superior product. Once again Ajax met these expectations, delivering the project as planned and on schedule.

In addition, Ajax relies on a variety of specialty subcontractors to provide a superior level of performance as well, and once again, we’re appreciative of their expertise and reliability. On this project, key subcontractors were the following:

Turtle Southeast – Milling of runways & service road

Goodwin Brothers Construction, Inc. – Grading and storm drainage – service road & shared use path

H.L. Pruitt, Inc. – Airfield lighting

Hi-Lite Markings – Airfield striping and signage

Jason’s Hauling – Trucking for all asphalt and RAP

Doan Construction – Concrete

Project Manager Joe Minich

Project Superintendent John Sutherland

Paving Foreman Donny Plensdorf

Plant Foreman Ron Farris

Contract Amount $5,259,606

Contract Days 180

By Dave Reid, General Manager of Business Development

Sanibel Causeway and Toll Plaza

Sanibel, FL

The Sanibel Causeway and Toll Plaza project consisted of constructing all of the roadways, parking areas and infrastructure from the new toll plaza building at Punta Rassa to Sanibel Island via three new bridges.

…read more
During the three year project, Ajax excavated 60,000 cubic yards, placed 80,000 cubic yards of embankment and paved more than 28,000 tons. Ajax was a subcontractor for the bridge builder Boh Brothers of New Orleans and for the toll plaza builder Lodge Construction of Fort Myers.

SR 865 Six Mile Cypress Parkway

Fort Myers, FL

SR 865 was an FDOT mill and resurface contract in Lee County. The project was about 1 mile long from Metro Parkway to US-41.

…read more
The contract consisted of erosion control, signing and signal improvements, minor guardrail improvements, milling 2″ of existing asphalt 50,000 square yards, 4100 tons of Superpave and 1200 tons of Friction Course.

Cape Coral Utility Expansion

Cape Coral, FL

In 2007, Ajax was the paving subcontractor for all seven Utility Expansion Projects (UEP) under four different contractors working for the City of Cape Coral.

…read more
On these projects, they have been building utility infrastructure of sanitary sewer, water, irrigation and storm drainage in the city since 1999. The tonnage placed for all seven contracts was approximately 45,000 tons of S-3 asphalt.

Veterans Expressway

Tampa, FL

The Veterans Expressway project started January 2, 2007 and after 82,000 tons of asphalt, 203,000 square yards of ARMI layer and months of shoulder rework, it was completed on December 10, 2007.

…read more
The Veterans Expressway project with Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise was a marathon, but Ajax pulled together to finish the task. The first month on the job we had one operation on the mainline and another on the ramps. Counting truck drivers and subcontractors, we had as many as ninety people working on this project each night. On top of the paving work, there were drainage improvements, guardrail, some minor signalization and lots of grading.

CITGO Petroleum Terminal Paving

Port of Tampa, Florida

The CITGO facility is a gasoline supply depot at the Port of Tampa. The facility is frequented by heavily loaded tankers and needed a specially designed mix to prevent long-term rutting due to the heavy loading.

…read more
The project required 5″ thick lifts of asphalt containing 25mm golf ball sized aggregate which is atypical for Florida construction. The liquid AC with polymer additives for the two top lifts asphalt was furnished to Ajax’s Palmetto location by the CITGO Corporation out of their Savannah, GA plant. Our ability to adapt to unique design and construction specifications at the plant and in the field gave our customer a product that is tailored to their specific needs.

I-275 Design Build

Hillsborough County

One of the highest profile projects in the Tampa Bay Area currently underway is the design-build effort on I-275 in Tampa. Ajax Paving is a key player, and our professional crews and top notch equipment are being seen by tens of thousands of motorists every day who commute through downtown Tampa.

…read more
Ajax and Skanska are joint venture partners in the $215 million effort to design and reconstruct the 3.4 mile segment of I-275 from east of Memorial Highway to just east of the Hillsborough River. Ultimately, the construction of the downtown corridor will complete the four-laning of southbound lanes over a distance of approximately 3.4 miles, while northbound, the new construction consists of 2 miles from east of Memorial Highway to N. MacDill Avenue, connecting to a segment completed several years ago. All new storm drainage, ramps, bridges, lighting, guardrail, sound walls, MSE walls, and widening of approaching bridges are key features of this project. Reconstruction of Green Street, the Frontage Road adjacent to the interstate on the north side, and resurfacing of surface streets throughout the corridor are also part of the design-build package. When completed in July of 2016, Tampa commuters will be riding on four new lanes of Ajax pavement through the downtown area in both directions. Which reminds me… “The Future is Riding on Ajax.”

Ajax Paving is responsible for all asphalt and concrete pavement. We also provide supervisory staff tasked to the joint venture effort. Matt Horan, Projects Control Manager, John Savage, CQC Manager, and Jayson Brown, Project Engineer, are Ajax employees dedicated to the joint venture effort, working out of the JV office in Tampa. Area 3 Ajax employees Jesse O’Brien, Project Manager, Tom Daquanna, Construction Manager, and Shane Mobley, Paving Superintendent are managing billing, scheduling and construction efforts on a daily basis. Since Ajax also provides Maintenance of Traffic and other crews as needed for joint venture efforts, everyone working in the Tampa division can expect to play a part in this effort.

Although contract time began in the third quarter of 2012, design, preliminary underground, bridge, and earthwork efforts have been the focus of most efforts through 2013. While half of the temporary asphalt is in place, only about 3% of the permanent pavement has been installed. Ultimately, over 100,000 tons of asphalt, and nearly 55,000 CY of concrete pavement will be constructed by Ajax crews from both Florida and Michigan.

Ajax Plant 6, the Tampa asphalt plant, is providing temporary and permanent asphalt. A mobile batch plant will be utilized to manufacture most of the PCC concrete. To date, approximately 5,000 tons of temporary pavement for switching traffic through the corridor have been constructed. The first permanent pavement has only recently been installed – about 2,300 tons of Superpave asphalt was recently paved just west of Himes Avenue in the eastbound direction, and the first of the 8” concrete pavement was installed on Ramp V, the eastbound on ramp from Himes Avenue onto I-275 northbound. Underground, grading, and bridge works have been underway throughout the corridor since late 2012. Their 24 hour a day efforts and the recent major shift of traffic make this one of the most highly visible projects currently underway on Bay Area roadways. Ajax crews will continue various efforts as needed and can expect the next major effort to be on eastbound I-275 between Dale Mabry Boulevard and Himes Avenue in the first quarter of 2014.

State Road 60

Hillsborough County

Ajax recently won the Statewide Urban Resurfacing ‘Excellence in Paving’ Award for our resurfacing project on S.R. 60 from east of Lithia Pinecrest Road to Valrico Road in Hillsborough County. This award is given annually to the project with the best combined mix quality and ride quality in the state. Since Florida’s roads are consistently ranked 1st or 2nd in the U.S., that would make this one of the best in the entire country.

…read more
Joe White was the paving foreman for nearly all of the paving. The crew of Aaron Ashley, Brandon Thomas, Dee Trotter, Jason Siver, Jose Rivera, Juan Mursuli, Loren Macklin, Mark Warkow and Tommy “kidney stone” Wilken are to be commended for the excellent ride. Grade Foreman Todd Gorby kept Doan Construction’s concrete crews moving with Dan Semirosum, Jose Avellano and Randy “Kool-Aid” Moore. Keeping everybody safe from the motorists travelling through the project was Eric Green, Avis Fuqua and Bob Gephardt. Making this especially challenging was the fact that there was a Home Depot, a Lowes, the Salvation Army Thrift Store and a 24 hour Super Wal-Mart, as well as numerous other businesses who were unwilling to pay an advertising fee to have their business mentioned by name, all located within the project limits. Traffic was very heavy most anytime of the day or night and MOT was critical for most of the paving when two lanes had to be shut down. Plant Foreman Ron Farris made the mix in our newest Tampa plant with Carlos Cardosa keeping things tight at the lab and “Dachshund” Danny Smith taking care of the roadway. A big thanks to all those who performed so well to make this an award winning project.

By Mike Morgan, Project Manager

Charlotte County Airport

Punta Gorda, FL

The Charlotte County Airport project started in October 2007 and consisted of existing pipe armoring, installation of 500 linear feet of new RCP, installation of a new inlet, adjusting three existing inlets with new lids and special grates, 1700 cubic yards of embankment, 4000 cubic yards of excavation, 13,965 square yards of subgrade preparation, 8200 tons of limerock base, 3387 tons of P-401 asphalt, final dress, sod and grassing.

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This sounds like a small job for Ajax, but there is always a kicker. The first passenger jet was already scheduled to land on December 5, 2007, and the areas we were to work in were considered pull away zones. Every time a plane would travel on the taxiways, our equipment and manpower would have to pull back 100 feet. This kept everyone on their toes.

Charlotte County Resurface Program

Charlotte County, Florida

On December 12, 2007, Ajax Paving Industries, Inc. was the successful low bidder on the 2008 County Paving Program in Charlotte County, FL.

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This project provides our Venice Area 1 crews with over 100,000 tons of much needed asphalt backlog. Under the contract, Ajax is responsible for PCP replacements, asphalt removal, clipping, reshaping shell base roads, base repairs, widening, prime and sand, application of herbicide treatments, resurfacing, shoulder rework, sod and striping.

Fowler Avenue

Tampa, FL

The Fowler Avenue project was in front of the Museum of Science and Energy and the University of South Florida in Tampa.

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Ajax placed 23,000 tons of Superpave and 9,530 tons of FC-5 Friction Course. Three intersections were rebuilt including new mast arms and signals. 6,300 cubic yards of earthwork was performed to regrade the ditches. Median improvements and 15,000 feet of sidewalk along with 11 new bus stop locations were added.

Kennedy Boulevard

Tampa, FL

The Kennedy Boulevard project was part of the high profile gateway to Tampa effort. The project was only 1 mile long, but it passed in front of the historic University of Tampa and the spot where Teddy Roosevelt camped with the rough riders prior to going to San Juan.

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One of the unusual aspects of the project was relocating 2 artillery shells used to mark a memorial to the rough riders. The meat of the project was resetting the granite curb and lowering the sidewalk as well as changing the signals from span wires to mast arms. Ajax placed 11,000 square yards of ARMI Layer, 1,000 tons of Superpave and 1,000 tons of FC-12.5. Additionally, we placed patterned textured pavement to simulate brick at all of the crosswalks.