The reconstruction of Chrysler Group’s 5 mile long high speed parabolic oval located at their Arizona Proving Ground in Yucca, Arizona is the most recent test track/race track project completed by Ajax. Coming on the heels of the successful completion of the Phoenix International Raceway reconstruction in Phoenix, Arizona and the repaving of Michigan International Speedway in Brooklyn, Michigan, Chrysler’s high speed oval demanded the precision paving techniques that have become the hallmark of Ajax’s highly trained and experienced crews.

The original project called for removal of the existing bituminous pavement and placement of 1″ of new aggregate base material prior to Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) installation. Ajax engineers working with Chrysler engineers developed and implemented an alternative approach which called for pulverization of the existing pavement and placement of 1″ of the pulverized material as aggregate base material to within 1/8″ of plan grade.

Excess pulverized material was used by Chrysler for interior road improvements on the site. Five inches of (HMA) was then placed in 3 courses on the pulverized base material. Asphalt material was supplied from a portable asphalt plant dedicated to the project. A stringent ride quality requirement of 2″ per mile and a peak friction coefficient requirement of .90mu-.99 mu were required on the completed pavement surface.Ajax again used its computer controlled, parabolic screed to place the 44,000 tons of HMA on the project. The parabolic banking which reached 33 degrees (65%) at its steepest point required the use of Ajax’s specially designed equipment used for parabolic track paving.