Current Projects

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I-75 Modernization
This reconstruction and expansion project reconstructed I-75 from Coolidge Hwy. to South Boulevard in Oakland County. Ajax Paving reconstructed a vital segment of a major commuter highway in Oakland County, I-75 from Coolidge Hwy. to South Boulevard. We reconstructed existing travel lanes and added a fourth lane for a future HOV lane. A new design […]
A seven-mile stretch on one of the state’s busiest freeways was the largest single-season construction contract in Michigan Department of Transportation history.
M-59 Corridor
This project expanded 5.6 miles from four to six lanes on a heavily used highway and included 16 ramps and nine bridges.
A $25 million, 14-mile project on the heavily traveled Lodge Freeway (M-10) was completed in a tight construction window — just 80 days.

Asphalt; Race & Test Tracks
US 41
A design-build project for the Florida Department of Transportation, we widened 3.4 miles of US 41 from two to six lanes.
Tampa International Airport
As part of a $943 million plan to upgrade the airport, Ajax Paving took on three projects vital to this major renovation’s success.
Punta Gorda Airport (Taxiway A)
Ajax Paving worked around the clock to extend and reconstruct Taxiway A while keeping the rest of the airport open for air traffic.
I-75 Design-Build Finance (iROX)
It broke records as the largest FDOT project ever — a $455 million initiative to widen 30 miles of I-75 in southwest Florida.
I-275 Design-Build Reconstruction
Ajax Paving helped drive Tampa into the future by reconstructing and widening 3.4 miles of I-275 through the center of the city.